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Meridian Tapping, or Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), is an easy releasing technique that helps us unblock energy flow. Energy flows through meridian channels in the meridian system of our spiritual bodies, much like blood flows through vessels in the vascular system of our physical bodies. Any disruption of flow may result in physical and emotional problems.

Negative emotions can be the outcome of disrupted flow; they can also cause disruption of flow. Either way, negative emotions are linked to disrupted energy flow in the meridian system. We can use Meridian Tapping to release negative emotions and restore good energy flow so that we may enjoy better overall health.

Meridian Tapping is a practical tool that is:
  • Free
  • Easy to learn
  • Involves little effort
  • We can tap anywhere
  • Tapping requires only the use of our bodies
  • Young kids, teens, adults, and older individuals may tap
  • Tapping can be used for just about anything (chronic pain, insomnia, fear, anxiety, frustration, stress, and much more)

We know that we have a physical body, because we can see it in the mirror. We also have a spiritual body that communicates and works with our physical body. When flow is disrupted in the physical body, negative outcomes affect our spiritual body – because they are connected. Likewise, when flow is disrupted in the spiritual body, negative outcomes affect our physical body. Maintaining good flow in the systems of all our bodies helps us maintain good overall health.

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